Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Brief But Beautiful

A short trip out on the upper reaches of the River Wye last Saturday reminded me that the long, warmer days of spring are just around the corner.

Although it was a cool start the sun pretty much shone all day radiating its warmth...something that has been somewhat lacking for many months.

I opted to fish the duo, probably not the best method under the circumstances but I really just wanted to cast a fly line as opposed to fishing my preferred long leader method I mostly employ over the winter months.

With a very low, clear river it was tough but a joy to spend a couple of hours casting a line in some stunning scenery with the sun shinning on my face. Farewell winter Grayling...roll on the rising Trout!


  1. Thats a very smart looking pin-striped grayling!

    1. Thanks Col...it's a beautiful fish anyway and when the sun is shining the colours in the dorsal fin just come to life!

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