Monday, 4 February 2013

Back On Track

OK...I know I've been a little quite with blog posts lately but to be honest I've had little to write about.

The last month or so has felt like a 'close season' with circumstances making fishing a bit of a rarity with only the odd occasion where I've had a chance to throw a fly into some flowing water.

So Sunday felt like I was being spoilt with a full day out with a friend fishing on a fairly high and fast flowing River Irfon.

Things started very slow for both of us without a single fish to account for in the first couple of hours, but a move further downstream and a change of flies started to pay dividends and although it was still tough going at least we were finding some odd nice grayling which were hard fighting in the strong current.

A deep fat grayling which registered 3lb+ on my 'little samson' scales

Although conditions were far from perfect it felt good to be out again and hopefully if the weather gods are kind it would be nice to thing I could enjoy a few more days like this before the grayling season comes to an end.