Monday, 23 January 2012

River Monnow

I have to confess the Monnow is a river I seldom get to fish so it was a bit of a treat to get a chance to go and give it a go on Sunday.

All looked good when we arrived and expectations were high...but fishing rarely turns out as you envisage, today was one of those days.

As it turned out the most productive pool of the day was the first one we fished, which just added to the expectation that we had caught the river just right and were in line to catch plenty of grayling.

Running a team of three nymphs hard along the bottom using my Streamflex 10' #3 seemed to be the right line of attack but after our initial success we struggled to find any of the bigger fish and although some of the pools looked like they should hold plenty of big grayling we could only connect with the smaller specimens and the occasional out of season brown trout.

Biggest of the day taken from the first pool
We were left to analyse the day over a couple of pints of Hobgoblin in the friendly surrounds of a nearby Inn and the only conclusion we came to was that Hobgoblin is a damn good pint of real ale!


  1. Nice river and a really pretty grayling. At least you had some action. Here in Sweden we have to wait for the spring to get a chanse at our rivers and stillwaters.
    Have fun fishing for grayling,

  2. The Monnow has always been on my bucket list! Not living that far way from it I though by now I would have venture there... This is just making me want to go... Lovely looking runs with some great fish.

    Fishtec Tackle

    1. Lovely pics Mick, somewhere i mean to visit each year but get sidetracked by other rivers and streams, hopefully i'll change that this year!

      Keep up the good work,


    2. Thanks for the comments, this particular stretch of the Monnow has so much good water to target and sometimes it's hard to believe you don't catch out of some of the pools.

      Graham...I was looking at your youtube videos earlier and they are a joy to watch and very well filmed along with your blog, keep up the great photography.

  3. Mick

    Looks a lovely River I have a trip down there planned for May with that man Peter Anderson...